Ah snap, Ki77en AIDS!


Self-loathing, narcissistic inhabitant of the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy that is Bris Eisley Australia.

Hearts: Butts, stunt spoodle extraordinaire Baxter San Choi Bow, butts, self-destruction, boobs, the Star Wars, butts, boobs and butts...

Fears: Herpes, Hippies (Simplex Types 1 & 2), broken internerd connections, potassium benzoate, bigots, assignments, 'real world' responsibilities, no boobs or butts...

This site just a depository for my randoms while not focusing on www.hotchicksinstarwarsshirts.com
Check it.
Things that I think don't suck:
Fond of:

One day I’ll not look like self shots are such serious business. I did kinda think they were the one of the lamest thing in the world before deciding to lighten up some. Favourite Chewbacca shirt. Gross post training.

(Seriously, I have set the minor and very sad goal of learning how to selfie. My skills are weak.) 

  1. longlostloves said: Good effort, high five. Loving the ‘stache.
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